Clan M'millan Genealogical Sources
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Lists compiled by the Clan Centre:
All Recorded M'millans so far found in the years 1100 to 1499 - PDF
All Recorded M'millans so far found in the years 1500 to 1599 - PDF

From the mid-16th century onwards some parishes of the Church of Scotland kept registers - now known as Old Parish Registers [OPRs] - of baptisms & marriages, and all M'millans recorded in those registers which have survived can now be found online at (remember to look for all possible spellings both of given names and the surname).

All M'millans so far found in sources other than OPRs 1600 to 1699 (excluding chiefs referred to in published histories) - PDF

M'millan ministers/priests before 1900 (not all denominations yet included) - PDF
M'millans in the British Army and Navy before 1850 (not a complete list) - PDF
M'millan Testaments (wills & inventories) in Scotland before 1855 - PDF
M'millan Wills etc. in England 1701 to 1804 (those registered in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury only) - PDF
M'millan Wills etc. in Ireland 1630 to 1860 - PDF
M'millans living on the island of Islay 1636 to 1832 - PDF
M'millans living in the county of Argyll 1730s to 1760s (from Sheriff Court records) - PDF
M'millans on the Duke of Argyll's estates in Kintyre 1791 to 1810 - PDF

Online lists & info from elsewhere:
M'millan births & marriages in the parish of Killean, Kintyre, Scotland, 1764 to 1794
"Butternuts and Maple Sugar" - M'millan families in Glengarry Co., ON, Canada