MacMillan Tartans / Plaids
Click here for the Clan Centre Information Sheet explaining the origins of the MacMillan Tartans - a PDF which opens in a separate window

The three basic MacMillan tartans (all shown here in "old colours") are:

Ancient MacMillan Dress MacMillan Hunting MacMillan

Each of these basic tartans can be produced in a variety of forms depending on the dyes used - the main variations being:
Old Colours: Using less vivid vegetable dyes.
Modern Colours: Using more vibrant chemical dyes.
Weathered or Muted: Using less colourful - often grey/brown - dyes, supposed to represent the result of being buried in a bog when tartan was illegal in Scotland.

The size of the sett (the unique pattern of each tartan) can also vary - as can the sort of cloth being used - so all tartans can appear in many forms.
With the three main MacMillan tartans being so different, the mix of them in all their possible variations at a Clan MacMillan gathering can be truly stunning.

To see examples of many of these possible variations exhibited at various gatherings please click the names of the three basic tartans above.