Clan MacMillan International

Clan MacMillan International

Constitution, mission statement and trustees.

The Constitution of the Clan MacMillan International Centre.

The mission of the Clan MacMillan International Centre is to collect, coordinate, preserve, display and disseminate educational and historical material about the heritage of Clan MacMillan and its Septs worldwide for the benefit of clan members and other interested parties; and to assist the chief, clan societies, individual clanspeople and other interested parties around the world in the promotion of the clan and its ideals and charities. (Clan MacMillan Conclave, 2008).

The building housing the Clan Centre is owned and maintained by the Finlaystone Estate, while the contents of the Clan Centre are held in trust for the Clan by the Trustees of the Centre (though the Trustees are not to be held legally responsible for any financial losses caused to the clan or to Finlaystone Estate by the activities of the Clan Centre or its staff).

The Trustees of the Clan MacMillan International Centre are appointed by the Chief with the advice of the Clan MacMillan International Conclave representing the clan worldwide; they constitute the Board of International Trustees, whose Chairman is the Chief. A Trustee's term of office may be terminated at any time by the Chief in consultation with members of the Clan Conclave. Temporary Trustees may be co-opted and all Trustee appointments are subject to renewal/ratification at the next Conclave. In addition to the Trustees holding Executive Office, there must be at least two who are able to attend meetings at Finlaystone.

The Trustees shall appoint a Treasurer and staff to run the Clan Centre who shall report to them at regular meetings. The Trustees and key members of staff, will meet at least quarterly giving three weeks notice. Minutes will be sent out within 7 days of the meeting.

The Treasurer will present a brief financial report to each Trustees' meeting and a full annual report at the end of the financial year. This report will be sent to all Trustees and the Clan Centre copy will be available for inspection on request.

Newsletters will be issued twice-yearly to keep members updated on the activities of the Clan MacMillan International Centre; one of which will include an annual financial summary.

(The above Constitution was adopted by the Trustees of the Clan Centre following the Conclave of 2000.)

Clan MacMillan International Trustees

The Chief chairs the Board of International Trustees, who are appointed by him with the advice of the Clan MacMillan Conclave - an occasional meeting of representatives of all the clan's societies & branches, and other "Elders" of the clan. The Board convenes annually to set the aims and budget for the Clan Centre, the work of which is overseen during the year by the UK Trustees. See a list of trustees in the sidebar or below.