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CMI newsletter and magazine archives have been compiled into three printed volumes.

27 Febuary 2023

Graeme Mackenzie MA has compiled CMI's newsletter and magazine into three volumes dating from 1993 to 2019. These may be ordered directly from Graeme (not the Clan MacMillan International Centre). More information about the printed versions is available on the Books and Publications page including four PDFs which list the magazine/newsletter articles. 

Clan MacMillan North Central States is now represented in Michigan.

28 May 2022
After five years of attending the St. Andrew's Society of Detroit Highland Games Kenzie Dunham and her husband Matthew noticed the lack of representation for Clan MacMillan in both merchandise vendors and on Clan Row. During the 2021 Detroit Highland Games Ceilidh, they were discussing what it takes to get a tent on Clan Row with members of Clan MacKinnon - who are also a descendant from Airbertach. This led to the realization that there is no current Clan Branch in the state of Michigan, so Kenzie and Matthew began the search of how to get Clan MacMillan represented in the state of Michigan. After joining Clan MacMillan International and several emails to both the Clan Chief George MacMillan, and North Central States Minnesota convener Mike McMillen, we can proudly say that Clan MacMillan will be in attendance at the St. Andrew's Society of Detroit Highland Games August 5-6, 2022.

Kenzie Dunham, Michigan Convener

Sons of the Tonsured Servant: A History of Clan MacMillan, a revised clan history.

17 September 2021
Clan historian and genealogist Graeme M. Mackenzie is writing a revised Clan MacMillan history, "Sons of the Tonsured Servant: A History of Clan MacMillan". Much of this will be based on the recent research of Ronald and Maerie Black on MS1467, a key document relating to the early history of the clan. Read more about the Blacks' research and interpretation in the 2021Clan MacMillan International Newsletter, this available to CMI members linked from the "Archives of Magazines and Newsletters" in the Members' section of this website.

Central to revisions of this latest clan history is Graeme's ongoing research into a newly-revealed great-grandson of the clan's name-father. Sponsorships or subscriptions are available to those who wish to help fund the effort. Graeme hopes to publish it in early 2022. Read more in this PDF...