Clan MacMillan International

Clan MacMillan International

Introduction to Project MAOL.

Clan MacMillan International Centre (CMIC) collects, organizes and archives materials and data specific to our Clan and its history. Included are historical artifacts and documents and literature, and submissions of MacMillans themselves relating to their ancestors. Much of this is visible or accessible at the Centre. A partial list is available on the CMIC page.

One of the primary tasks of CMIC is to aid the descendants of MacMillans (regardless of spelling) and sept members trace their ancestors and distant relatives. Central to this effort is Project MAOL (Macmillan Ancestry On Line), which seeks to record, correlate and make available as much M'Millan and sept genealogy as possible.

Project MAOL now includes 24,209 individuals, 13,322 of whom bear the surname M'millan (standing for all spellings of Macmillan/MacMillan/McMillan etc.) There are 489 separate trees/families, the largest of which includes 3,219 individuals. You can access an abbreviated index to them all here. The complete index, which includes details of individuals' parents (where known) and, for many (but not all), a family number by which full family trees can be accessed online, is available in the Members' section of this website.

Access is available to members of CMI and those of some Clan MacMillan branches.

Members of Clan MacMillan International (CMI) and Clan societies that help fund CMIC through the Conclave Challenge are provided login and password to access Project MAOL and more in the Members' section of this website (see an overview of membership benefits). The records in their entirety can be perused at the Clan MacMillan International Centre at Finlaystone near Langbank, Scotland.

Included are a number of pages to aid members in understanding and accessing Project MAOL archives. These include:

- Project MAOL family history archives. An overview of the program.

- Project MAOL guide. Instructions for navigating these records.

- Project MAOL sources. References to the sources of these materials. - Project MAOL submissions. How to contribute your ancestral data to Project MAOL.

- Project MAOL search indexes. A page with links to the archives. While any M'Millan-specific information is welcomed, Project MAOL concentrates on key information about these individuals and families.

Contribute your ancestral records.

As well as accessing Project MAOL archives, members may contribute their own ancestral data in either paper or digital form. The Project MAOL submissions page has instructions. If you already have access to this site's members' section please log in to continue. If not you may join to access this and other benefits of CMI membership.