Clan MacMillan International

Clan MacMillan International

Clan MacMillan's Progenitor's Lineage

The lineage of Clan MacMillan's progenitor Gilchrist mac Cormac (and therefore our Chief) extends back to the ancient kings of Ulster. They were the rulers of the original Scots (this deriving from "Scotti", the Roman term for this Celtic people) who invaded Argyll in the 5th century. Included in this lineage is MacBeth, Scotland's king in the mid-11th century, known more by the misleading prose of Shakespeare than historical accounts. 

Below you'll find a graphic of some of that lineage, this an extension of the Chief's lineage page. More detailed content is available in a password-access members' page.

Graphic illustrating the lineage of Clan MacMillan's chiefs

See a page with a graphic detailing our chief's's ancestors back to the clan's progenitor.